Adam Brown, PhD

I specialize in working with adults and teenagers who are struggling with shame and frustration for things over which they feel powerless. If you are tired of feeling stuck and you’re ready for a change, I’d like to help you get where you want to go. Issues related to anger, trauma, sex, and control are areas in which I specialize.

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix. After identifying specific goals to work on, we will spend many sessions exploring how relationships, past and present, have shaped how you see yourself and how you want your future to look. Then, we will work together to shape a future that looks much brighter and more hopeful than the one you see today.

Therapy is a tremendous investment of time and money; you need to be ready, and just as importantly, you need to work with the right therapist for you. Let’s schedule a quick chat to see if I might be right for you.